Health and Wellness Update with Mike Heppner

Hi everyone my name is Mike Heppner and I am the Health & Wellness Director at the Manlius YMCA. At the YMCA of Central New York, even though our doors are closed to the public right now, we are still committed to improving your health and well-being and supporting our community. I’ll be going over different online resources that we have available to our members at home so that you can continue to build on the good habits you developed at the Y. All of the programs I describe will have links in the description of this video. Let's get to it!

Mileage MAYhem
is a new challenge that will take you on a 28-day journey around the United States. This is a new opportunity to track those miles you are racking up by walking, running, or cycling. Choose a monthly goal between 25 and 500 miles, in increments of 25 miles to walk, run, or bike your way around the United States.

is a fun mobile app that makes tracking your progress easy with at-home workouts. We are currently offering a free 60-day trial to our members. All you have to do is download the App, set up a new account, and select YMCA of Central New York as your gym. When it asks for an access code, use: YMCACNY1.

offers 95 free workouts across 8 categories. Classes include BodyCombat, HIIT Training, LES MILLS Mindfulness and more.

You can also access a 60-day free trial which includes an additional 800 further workouts! You'll need to create a username/password, plus enter your credit card information to have access.

We've partnered with MyZone to help you access, track, and continue to motivate you in your wellness journey at home AND when we are able to reopen. MyZone is an innovative wearable, heart rate-based system that uses wireless technology to accurately monitor your physical activity with 99.4% accuracy.

It's not just another Fitbit or Garmin watch. This thing takes it to the next level with accuracy. Also, much like other fitness trackers there are social challenges to take part in, so the more local Y members use this, the more local the challenges.

You can access MyZone workouts including 2 live workouts each day at their Facebook page!

All of these virtual options, and more, are available on our website at Not only do we have additional wellness resources, but we also have virtual family activities and virtual arts activities provided by the Arts branch.

We hope that you and your family are staying safe and healthy during this. If you have any questions, please feel free to look up your local branches Facebook page and send us a message!