Meet a Member! Bud Sweet

Bud Sweet

Floyd “Bud” Sweet has an affinity for the Y and shows his appreciation by means of advocating for, participating in, and giving to our cause. A Top 100 user, Bud has been the #1 user at the Northwest Family Y since it opened in June 2015, and was a part of the committee who brought this branch to Baldwinsville, NY.

Though a long time Baldwinsville resident, his involvement at the Y began when he was a young boy at the Y in Binghamton, NY. Through Y programming, he discovered a love for sports and his athletic talents, which he would carry with him for many years to come; he was an All-American athlete in his collegiate career!

Bud typically frequents the Y twice a day for many reasons. “It’s about staying healthy and improving longevity, but also the comradery. Interacting with staff and other members at different times throughout the day is a part of why I come: to be social. The Y looks after the well-being of all.”

As annual donors to our Annual Campaign, the Sweet family has given to different focus areas at our Y. This year, they’ve chosen our youth camp programs. “For the longest-lasting impact, physically and mentally, camps keep kids active and educated. If not for our youth programs, the dynamic at our Y wouldn’t be the same. I love seeing the kids in the early morning in the childcare programs, eager to join their friends. That sense of community is so important, and this Y is filled with it.”

Every so often you might see Bud walk into the Y with pizza for our staff as yet another token of gratitude for everything the Y offers. “I recognize the hard work that goes on in all departments here – maintenance, membership, and so on. I want them to know that they are appreciated and their hard work shows, day after day. I’ve heard a few other members make appreciative remarks to the staff, too. It’s important that they know they do great work here!”

We are so thankful for members like Bud and his family, who continually strive to build community and strengthen bonds here at our Y!