Mike Brown
President and CEO

Mike Brown is the President and CEO for the YMCA of Central New York. He joined the Syracuse Y in November 2017, having served previously as the President & CEO of the YMCA of Rock River Valley in Rockford, Illinois.

Originally from California, Brown has over 25 years of leadership service with Ys around the country, including Houston and Georgia. Brown has been a long-time adjunct professor serving both Springfield College and Judson University, and is now engaged in current work as a PHD Candidate in Public Service Leadership with a concentration in Non-Profit Leadership.

A Message from the President and CEO

Lisa Pachmayer

Northern District Vice-President

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City District Vice-President

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Eastern District Vice-President

Anne Hawkes

Chief Finance Officer

André Anthony

Vice President of Organizational Advancement & Strategy

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Vice President of Human Resources & Development

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Executive Director - North Area Family YMCA

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Executive Director of the Arts Branch

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