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Personal Training

Let one of our personal trainers help you address your health barriers. Our personal trainers will utilize goal setting techniques, help you identify your obstacles, and be a support system. You will be accountable to focus on your overall health outcome.

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Nutritional Counseling

An individualized nutrition plan will be developed to help achieve desired health goals, including supporting behavior change and chronic disease prevention, based on an initial nutrition assessment. Whether you’re a trained athlete, looking to lose weight, or begin a healthy lifestyle change; nutrition plays a major role in your success! Meet one-on-one with our nutritionist to begin your personalized plan of action.

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active older adults

Active Older Adults

The YMCA Active Older Adult programs (AOA) is designed to improve a person's quality of life. Our fitness classes can help older adults benefit from appropriate and regularly scheduled activity. All programs are presented by trained YMCA staff and are developed to meet the needs of older adults.

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Group Exercise Classes

The secret to sticking with a health and fitness program is finding activities you enjoy and that keep you moving. At the Y you have hundreds of free choices – from low-impact activities like strength training & stretching to high intensity classes like boot camp, interval training and indoor cycling.

Find a class that meets your needs:

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Group Yoga class

Mind and Body/Yoga/Pilates

Challenge your mind, body and spirit.

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