Partner with one of our personal trainers to address your health barriers. Our personal trainers will utilize goal setting techniques, help you identify your obstacles, and be a support system.

Virtual Training Now Available

With Virtual Training you will receive the standard 3 sessions a month plus a check-in session for each training session to help you continue to meet your goals from home. You'll be able to choose from live training sessions to a workout routine prescribed by your trainer to do on your own time.

Individual - 30 Minutes
Per Session Rate: $45/session
*Month-to-Month: $80 base fee. $25/additional session

Individual - 60 Minutes
Per Session Rate: $60/session
*Month-to-Month: $125 base fee. $40/additional session

*NOTE: Minimum of 3 sessions/month. Additional sessions will be charged the per session rate and billed to the next month's draft.


The YMCA of Central New York is now offering At-Home Workout Kits so you can experience the benefits of the Y in the safety and comfort of your own home. Kits include: 

  • 1 Stability Ball & Pump
  • 1 Stability Ball Exercise Chart
  • 3 Versa Bands
  • 1 Resistance Band with Handle
  • 1 Jump Rope

Kits are available at your local branch for $50. Reserve yours here.